hi. I'm Duncan, the founder. this is me

started in VC 1990. learned quick that I am much better at people than DCFs

headhunted into headhunter I was using. set up city desk. most profitable in firm's history

my 'Jerry Maguire' moment: by 1996 I realised I love clients & candidates. I don't love recruiters (with very few notable exceptions). set up my own firm, D Hiller Associates 

set out to work with the best

for me, best means many things including: integrity, work ethic, sustainability, excellence, success

started serving the top two investment banks (you know who they are). best people were moving to top tier PE firms & the nascent US HFs. so we worked with them, have done ever since

.....but there was always something missing. something misaligned between my personal values & working with people driven primarily by profit at any cost. something deeply unfulfilling about the prospect of a legacy measured in dollars alone. 

so I connected and started working with the nascent investors firstly in public market SRI & ESG, then funds & private markets Impact Investing with additional projects across International Development, Grant & Donor work. I have nurtured a deep network of experienced talent and am now widely known by those with commercial experience looking to leverage their skills in more meaningful work

most of my work is now repeat retained mandates with a select group of top tier mission lead impact investing family offices and foundations. we truly love our clients, what we do & who we serve. most of all we love the part we can play in changing the lives of real people across the world through the investments our clients make

I am proud to include amongst my very closest friends, a partner from the top performing hedge fund bar none since it's inception around 20 years ago.  they inspired my focus on impact investing, and remain a mentor to this day. this HF has always been focussed on positive impact: #ESG, #SRI, #sustainability, #sustainableinvesting, #impactinvesting