hi. I'm Duncan, the founder. this is me

started in VC 1990. learned quick that I am much better at people than DCFs

headhunted into headhunter I was using. set up city desk. most profitable in firm's history

my 'Jerry Maguire' moment: by 1996 I realised I love clients + candidates. I don't love recruiters (with very few notable exceptions). set up my own firm, D Hiller Associates 

set out to work with the best

for me, best means many things including: integrity + work ethic + sustainability + excellence + success

started serving the top two investment banks (you know who they are). best people were moving to top tier PE firms + the nascent US HFs. so we worked with them, have done ever since

the best of the best have been leading the way in #ESG + #SRI + #sustainability + #sustainableinvesting #impactinvesting over the past two decades. so that is what we have focussed on. the movement is growing + expanding to an unstoppable sustainable force

fast forward to now (footnotes to follow). with +25 years success serving the best, we truly love what we do + who we serve

we are super excited to harness the latest amazing technological innovations. with our combined +50yrs of senior management experience we are uniquely placed to bring together the very best clients and candidates. for good

I am proud to include amongst my very closest friends, a partner from the top performing hedge fund bar none since it's inception nearly 15 years ago.  + this HF has always been focussed on positive impact: #ESG + #SRI + #sustainability + #sustainableinvesting#impactinvesting