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"Hedge + Impact are an invaluable support in our recruiting processes. Their team understands our needs as a financial institution and our very specific requirements for candidate profiles." 

"They combine this with an authentic connection to our social mission, and skilfully navigate the competing concerns involved in recruiting for impact investing." 

"The pipelines of candidates we receive are impressive, and the team are very responsive throughout the process." 

"Our new hires have settled in well, and I would highly recommend Duncan and the team to anyone looking to make a hire in the impact investing industry."

Vince Knowles, Principal Investments & Strategy, Ceniarth llc


we do headhunting. that's true value added recruitment

we find people for HEDGE fund + IMPACT investing clients

positive impact: #ESG + #SRI + #sustainability + #sustainableinvesting + #impactinvesting

what makes a difference:

we do it very well. +32 years with 100% successful completion of retained mandates

we care: we do what it takes to get the job done. success for us starts long before an interview + continues well past a placement. we build relationships

short term: we save clients time + money. we find the best people for the best jobs, quick

long term: we help firms + people reach their fullest potential: doing good really well

it's all about people: when we deal with the best, strive to achieve + maintain the highest standards, we build a reputation together. this matters  

"It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently." Warren Buffet

headhunting for:

passion for people

we have always been passionate about working as hard as we can to serve the best people in the world

in our view profit + purpose must be aligned

we can all do good really well

every investment + commercial decision has an impact + it should be as positive + sustainable as possible

the world is changing. there is more + more demand for excellence + mobility + transparency + sustainability

we are proud + humble + privileged to be at the leading edge of this unstoppable force

talent is evenly distributed across the globe. opportunity is not yet. we want to be part of the solution

our job + responsibility is simple: do the best we can to leverage +32 years experience to bring together the very best people + firms

for good

#ESG + #SRI + #sustainability + #impinv + #impactinvesting

Duncan E W Hiller


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